Accepting injury

It is very frustrating to live with with injuries that could have been prevented. However it is also important to accept where one is at any given point in time. One way of doing this that I have thought of is to realise that in general if something can go wrong it will or to express this differently we live in a very chaotic world. I don’t know a lot about chaos theory but in our universe it is seems to be a lot easier to break something than to repair it. For example, it is relatively easy to blow up a building but to construct a building is a big undertaking. So there does seem to be something built in the fabric of the universe that means that destruction happens more easily than creation. Some people call this Murphy’s Law. Applied to injury it means that as humans or indeed any other kind of animal or species our bodies and minds are prone to injury and in this imperfect world that we live in these injuries may not always be prevented or healed in the correct way when we seek the support of medical services.

So how does one accept injuries? One way is to focus on what one can still do rather than what one experiences limitations with.  Every day it is good to practice a gratitude exercise.  Some people find that taking a kind of fatalistic approach helps i.e. just accepting that this is the way that things turn out sometimes, for whatever reason. It’s also probably useful to find ways round whatever limitations one has so that the injury does not prevent you from doing what you want to do in your life. Some people can even see a positive side to an injury that it sometimes open doors that they were not aware of before.