I have just discovered recently that there is a link between humidity levels and allergies, chemical sensitivities, and depression. Humidity levels within a house need to be kept within certain limits; humidity shouldn’t be too high or too low. I humidity and low humidity can both cause issues. In relation to high humidity watch I have learned is that if there is a high level of humidity which of course means that the air is more saturated with water this water saturation that toxic chemicals can be held within the atmosphere more easily. If this is within your house then that means that you are breathing in these chemicals. It’s not a good idea to dry wet clothing directly on radiators because this can cause dust mites to breed and of course dust mites can cause allergic reactions. I’m not exactly sure how high levels of humidity can cause depression so this is something that I’m going to look into. Humidity can be controlled by being careful to cover cooking pots with lids, opening windows in kitchens and bathrooms when they are in use, using the highest spin when drying clothes, using smaller towels-possibly ones with microfibres-and of course think about using a dehumidifier as well.