Spirituality, chaos and random factors

I used to be sceptical about the idea of spiritual factors influencing health. However I am including this page not only in the spirit of being holistic but also because I have come across a tiny bit of evidence that could be interpreted as supporting a spiritual approach. This is because I have noticed that there is an element of a self-fulfilling prophecy to injury. This ties in with the ideas that are given in the book the secret which states that how we think about the world can influence how the world is for us.

Injury as a self-fulfilling belief

if you believe that an injury is going to have a devastating and serious effect on you is more likely that it well. The mechanism that causes this is that when you believe that an injury would have severely negative impact on your life you tend to seek out medical treatment or make other interventions which can often make things worse.  This may relate to chaos theory or more prosaically Murphy’s Law which states that if something can go wrong it often will go wrong. I.e. in the case of medical or other interventions that if there is a chance that something could go wrong it often seems to.

Injury as a random event

On this website I have sought to analyse injury and understand its aetiology. However I think there are occasions when things just seem to randomly happen for no apparent reason or nothing that you could ever predict. For example once I was on a train and happened to be standing behind somebody who turned around quickly and accidentally poked me in the eye. I don’t think that there was any way that I could have predicted this event.