Ain’t what you do….

…it’s the way that you do it.

What causes overuse injuries?

Poor technique: Too much, too soon, too hard for your body – doing too much, increasing the amount you are doing too quickly and using too much force when you are doing the activity.  I think that ‘too hard’ could also be taken to cover wrong technique such as sitting in the wrong posture. Another way of expressing this is that if you increase the duration, frequency or intensity of an activity too quickly then you may become injured. Another person may not become injured because we all have different bodies and risk factors for injury.

Inadequate conditioning i) Muscle tightness

A tight muscle has to pull harder through the tendon possibly leading to tendon rupture. Tendons often rupture during eccentric loading (e.g. the biceps muscle helping to straighten a bent forearm) because forces are pulling in opposite directions.

ii) Poor hip and core strength

The core is important for the stability of the limbs.