Healing ‘Overuse Injury Syndrome’

If you have ‘overuse injury syndrome’ then you will most likely have risk factors that predispose you to injury.
1) Working with competent therapists your first step is to understand what these vulnerabilities are to ensure that your technique is as good as it can be. The crucial part of this is ensuring that you don’t do too much, too hard, too soon.
2) you need to be aware of and change the behaviour that contributed to the injuries
3) with physical injuries you need to be more gentle with your body by being aware of the movements which put more stress through the body e.g. If you have a knee injury you need to be more careful when walking downstairs because this puts three times the amount of stress through your body than walking on a flat surface.
4) you need to avoid compensating for injuries because this puts excessive stress through other parts of your body which in turn leads to more injury.
5) when you do get new injury it is important not to be in denial about it. This will discourage you from taking the appropriate action.
6) ensure that you rest correctly following an injury. If this involves taking time off work and being sacked then you need to balance developing another injury and the stress that that causes against the stress of being sacked. Personally I think that health is the most important thing in the long term. So you need to ensure that your doctor understands your situation so that they can support you if you do need to take time off.
7) your goal is to recreate a balance in your body and your life so that you can live comfortably either having recovered from your injuries or despite them. The body operates as a functional unit so you need to restore as much as possible the smooth working of this functional unit and its component sub-units (e.g. joints that are working as pairs).
8) be cautious about medical and other interventions because they can lead to further injuries.
9) keep a diary so that you can keep learning about how your body and mind work.