Safer guitar playing

Guitarists are particularly prone to overuse injuries because the fretting hand is placed in a very stressful position.
Tips for avoiding overuse injury with the guitar:
i) have the lightest strings possible
ii) have the lowest action possible.
iii) warm up before playing maybe by playing scales
iv) possibly avoid too many barre chords
v) some people use a capo all the time to keep the strings low, however I don’t like doing this
vi) don’t play chords on a classical type guitar unless you have very large hands
vii) when using a plectrum try not to hold it with excessive force and don’t bash out chords.
viii) I vary my playing by alternating plectrum playing with finger picking.
ix) I did start to learn playing left as well as right handed playing but have given this up for the time being, though I have seen people that can do this.
x) when I play at parties etc. I normally just play for a bit and then give it a break, say about 15 minutes. This is good because it means that you socialise as well as make music and you may keep your audience wanting more.
xi) be wary about playing on a cheap guitar. Normally the action is very high, the strings thick and you have to use more force.