I regret that after my second major concussion I only took a week off work because possibly by having adequate rest my memory would have recovered better. I think that you need to take a month off work after a concussion.
One of the themes of this website is emphasising the importance of proper rest after an injury, whether an overuse injury or an acute injury.  I think that the evidence is stacking up now that if you have a concussion it is important to rest, and I think that the body and mind take a lot longer to heal than we like to think, so simply taking a week off is probably not enough.

One of the problems that some people experience is an increased clumsiness.  I think this is actually probably a short term memory issue – e.g. seeing something but forgetting about it a minute later and then bumping into it or dropping it. One way around this is to periodically refocus your attention on your environment away from your internal thought processes.  You can do this by making a conscious effort to simply look around for a half a minute and notice what is in your environment.  This can also be a way to deal with feelings of anxiety. This simple exercise can create a heightened level of awareness of your environment which can assist your memory in registering what is around you whilst also refocusing attention away from internal worries to your surroundings.

Apart from rest is there anything else you can do after a concussion to prevent damage? There is some evidence that fasting can help, however I am not sure about this because the reports seem to be based on animal studies and there is some conflicting evidence. Also, nutrition after injury is important so denying yourself any nutrition may not be helpful, but I don’t know.

Concussion can cause anxiety problems and I still do not know whether the anxiety I experience is because of head injury or other factors.

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