Finally worked out the cause of my injuries

It’s taken me 11 years, but I’ve finally worked out the cause of most of my injuries. I started off with pain in feet because of Pes Cavus and compensated for this by using a computer more whilst sitting with my feet raised.  This led to Repetitive Strain Injury and because I wasn’t typing I tried Voice Recognition Software and started using my voice differently which then led to voice problems. When I felt like I was not making enough progress (after about 6 months), I went back to see a physio who thought that a knee problem that had developed was caused by scoliosis in my back and an accompanying leg length discrepancy.   I then tried a 2 cm shoe raise in what I was told was my shorter leg. However, I later learned that I did not have a shorter leg. Not surprisingly this increase in height of one of my legs then led to quite serious problems where I could not actually move my right leg.  To cut a long story short since then I’ve had problems with i) pain in the right side of my torso, ii) hip pain in my right leg (this has been reduced significantly by an operation performed by Damien Griffen in Coventry) pain in my left hip (only affects me if I am sitting on a soft chair or where my knees are higher than my hips), iii) problems with my right shoulder (a rotator cuff tear).

Each time I got an injury I did something to compensate for the injury and then got another one because I was suddenly increasing the load on another part of my body and thereby creating another overuse/misuse injury.

It’s quite frustrating to think that all of these problems could have been avoided through not trying to compensate for one injury by using my body differently in another way and by not properly resting injuries.