This last week have been very hard due to problems at work.  However, I’ve been practicing my sleep routine to help myself – this is i) play guitar for 5 minutes before going to bed ii) when in bed tense and relax at least 10 muscles iii) when I wake up (normally at about 4.30) play music in head iii) visualise putting worries into box by side of bed and leaving them there whilst sleep iv) practice a mindfulness exercise.  This seems to help. I went back to my hometown at the weekend and this also made me feel calmer. Maybe it was the familiarity of the place, I don’t know but it put things into a different perspective.

I’ve started doing a Pilates class which involves working on what is called a ‘reformer’ – which looks a bit like a torture device/rack.  My back has felt a bit uncomfortable afterwards, which from past experience is a warning sign for injury, so I’m probably going to have to scrape the money together for one to one sessions to start with. I’ve heard so many good things about Pilates that I would like to give a proper try.

I want to start doing some exercises to help my vocal injury.  I’ve been singing a bit, which is strange because for me singing within a certain range is easier than talking.  I guess it must use muscles that have not been as affected by misuse.